Project Description

Despite the advanced application of technology in virtually every aspect of the aviation industry, there remain a number of key processes that have been stubbornly resistant to change.

One example is the Technical Log (or Log Book). There is now a growing trend in the industry to digitise this key process and it is an area where the team at NVable have world leading experience.

This paper introduces the concept of the traditional technical log, highlights the benefits of digitisation and considers the factors that should be taken into account as part of setting up an Electronic Techlog project.

It draws on and summarises the experience of the authors.

Cameron Hood – who led the technology team involved in the very first implementations of electronic techlogs through CoreData which was subsequently acquired by data systems and solutions (at the time a joint venture between SAIC and Rolls Royce, which then became Optimised Systems and Solutions and is now known as Controls and Data Services). Cameron is the founder and owner of NVable who have developed a new platform that offers electronic techlog and more.

Rob Woods – who was involved in the implementation of the electronic techlog in MyTravel and subsequently Thomas Cook – at the time supplied by Data Systems and Solutions. He has experience of being involved in the “bleeding edge” of the introduction of new technology and has the battle scars to prove it.

Dave Cooper – who has been involved in the introduction of the electronic techlog across a fleet (initially the Data Systems and Solutions version) and a transition to a new electronic techlog (NVable). He has experience of the challenges in managing the changes and has particular insight into what is important in a solution.

Both Rob and Dave have real world experiences to share when electronic techlogs go well, and not so well.

NOTE: this document is not a sales pitch – it does not talk about NVable’s solution. It is meant as an unbiased view of what we believe are the most important factors to be considered in moving from a paper techlog to an electronic one. These, of course, are our views – you may agree or disagree, but the intention is to share knowledge.


Download directly from the following link:  Digitising the Aircraft Technical Log.