The concept behind our custom-designed CoNVerge platform is simple. We believe that businesses should have the flexibility to easily innovate and add new applications to their toolbox, without being stifled by legacy technology or a single technology brand.

CoNVerge is all about minimising risk, fuss and capital costs and maximising efficiency. Provided as a service, it combines a hosted environment and web portal with mobile applications and data interfaces to virtually any system.

The platform is easily integrated into your existing business systems and brings together the best tools to handle data acquisition and data analysis – all on scalable infrastructure. Best of all, we even take the day-to-day management off your hands, increasing your efficiency still further.

Bring everything together and do IT better when you bring onboard CoNVerge and NVable.

Key Features


  • CoNVerge is now deployed on Microsoft Azure which provides massive scalability and redundancy.


  • Azure offers the most comprehensive set of certifications and attestations of any cloud service provider including UK G-Cloud, EU Model Clauses and FedRAMP.


  • Seamlessly integrates new and old database technologies.
  • The CoNVerge data exchange allows data to be integrated across:
    • Bespoke client applications such as the ElectronicTechlog (ETL)
    • Interfaces to and from current business systems
    • Direct data feeds from sensors embedded in assets.


  • The combination of database technologies offers near real-time analytics – making expensive, retrospective data warehouses redundant.
  • Complex exception alerting allows you to be forewarned about developing situations – as the data hits your business systems.